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Commercial Documents Attesation

The commercial documents attestation service is available in Pakistan

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The Importance of Attesting Commercial Documents:

In the world of international trade, commercial documents play a pivotal role in facilitating smooth business transactions. However, to ensure the authenticity and legality of these documents, they often need to go through a rigorous attestation process involving various authorities. In this guide, we’ll explore the significance of attesting commercial documents and why they need to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Pakistan and the Gulf embassies, including all Gulf countries, and how 365 Screening can assist in this process.

Why Attestation Matters

The attestation of commercial documents serves several crucial purposes:

  • Verification of Authenticity

Attestation verifies the legitimacy of documents, preventing fraud and ensuring that the information presented is accurate and reliable.

  • International Recognition

Many countries require attested documents as part of their regulatory framework for foreign trade. Without proper attestation, your documents may not be accepted in foreign markets.

  • Legal Compliance

Attested documents demonstrate adherence to the laws and regulations of both the exporting and importing countries, reducing the risk of legal complications. 

The List of Commercial Documents Requiring Attestation

A wide range of commercial documents may require attestation to facilitate international trade. Here is a comprehensive list:

Type of Documents Type of Documents Type of Documents
Certificate of Origin issued by KCCI Commercial Invoice Packing List
Price List Weight List Bill of Lading
Airway Bill Form A (GSP) USA Custom Invoice
Canadian Custom Invoice New Zealand Custom Invoice Mexico Custom Invoice
Argentina Custom Invoice Form ‘C’ West Africa Form ‘E’ 120 Sale for UK
End-User Certificate Sale Contract Agreement
Power Of Attorney Survey Reports Photo Certificate
Certificate of Origin for Peru Ex-Mice Certificate RDA Cell Registration form Govt. of Pak
Animal Health Certificate Fresh Halal Chilled Mutton Certificate NTN Certificate
Certificate of accreditation Int. Air Transport Asso. Agency Certification Free Sale Certificate
Sindh Employees Social Certificate KCCI Membership Certificate Umrah Contract
Certificate of incorporation Partnership Deed Audit Report
Bank Certificate GST Certificate NTN Certificate
Certificate of Origin issued by different Cities (LCCI, RCCI, QCCI, GCCI) Authorization Certificates Examination Report From PCSIR
Quality Certificate Analysis Certificate Resolution Certificate
Partnership Agreements Affidavits (For Financial Support or any other) Commercial Documents (Such as Contracts, Invoices, and Certificates of Origin)
Company Registration Documents, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association Trade Licenses Commercial Agreements
Distributorship Agreements Financial Documents (Such as Bank Statements, Tax Documents, and Financial Reports) Employment Contracts
Experience Letters Recommendation Letters Visa Application Forms
Will And Testament Customs Clearance Documents Import/Export Certificates
Board Resolution Certificate of Incumbency Patent Certificates
Trademark Certificates Power Of Attorney for Property Bank Papers

Attestation Process and Gulf Embassies: 

To ensure the acceptance of your commercial documents in Gulf countries, it’s essential to have them attested by the respective Gulf embassies, including:

  • United Arab Emirates Embassy Islamabad & UAE Consulate Karachi
  • Qatar Embassy Islamabad
  • Saudi Arabia Embassy Islamabad & Saudi Consulate Karachi
  • Bahrain Embassy Islamabad & Bahrain Consulate Karachi
  • Oman Embassy Islamabad
  • Kuwait Embassy Islamabad

Gulf countries often require attestation to confirm the authenticity of documents originating from foreign countries. This process can involve multiple stages, including attestation by the Chamber of Commerce Karachi and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Pakistan.

How 365 Screening Facilitates Attestation: 

365 Screening is a service provider that specializes in document attestation and verification services. They can simplify the often complex and time-consuming process of document attestation by:

  • Streamlining the submission of documents for attestation.
  • Providing guidance on the specific requirements of Gulf Embassies.
  • Reducing processing times and delays.
  • Ensuring that your documents meet the necessary legal and regulatory standards.

By availing of the services of 365 Screening, you can navigate the attestation process efficiently, ensuring your commercial documents are accepted and recognized in Gulf countries and beyond.

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