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The UAE Equivalency Certificate

Assistance with Equivalency Certificate Process

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What is the UAE Equivalence Certificate?  

In the competitive world of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), having a recognized academic background is really important if you want to work, study, or get a Golden Visa. To do this, you need to prove your qualifications to the Ministry of Education (MoE) in the UAE and get a Certificate of Recognition, also known as an equivalency certificate.

Recognition of your Qualification in the UAE:

The process of obtaining a UAE equivalency certificate validates the recognition of your qualifications from an international university by meeting the standards set by the Ministry of Education (MoE), UAE. This affirmation underscores the credibility and acceptance of academic and professional credentials within the UAE workforce.

Who needs an equivalency certificate:

  • Applying for a UAE Golden Visa
  • Employment: Mandatory for certain positions in healthcare, teaching, engineering, and government sectors.
  • Higher Education Pursuits
  • Application for a Society of Engineers License in Dubai (SOE) Card

How the 365 Screening Team Can Assist You:

365 Screening will assist you in creating an account and expediting your process within Pakistan’s Universities and Board offices, saving you time.

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