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Police Clearance Certificate

365 Screening offers assistance in filling out the application for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate or Police Character Certificate in Pakistan.

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A Police Clearance Certificate serves as an official document that records any criminal activities (arrests, convictions, legal proceedings) of the applicant during their time residing in the country

Purposes of Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate:

  • For Immigration Purposes
  • For Residency Visa Purposes.
  • For Higher Education or Admission Purposes
  • For Employment or Job Purposes
  • For Marriage Aboard
  • Why is it necessary?

A Police Clearance Certificate from Pakistan issued is often required for reasons such as obtaining an employment visa, or a student visa, fulfilling an employer’s request, applying for positions that require clearance, naturalization, obtaining a license, or changing one’s name.

Can the PCC be used in other countries?

In Pakistan, each certificate is issued with the intention of being used in a specific country only. If clearance is needed for multiple countries, separate applications must be submitted for each country.

What is the validity of the clearance certificate?

The validity of the certificate can vary significantly. It may be mentioned on the certificate itself or determined by the requirements of the countries where it will be used. For example, Pakistan’s Police Clearance Certificates are valid for 6 six months from the date of issue, as stated on the certificates.

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