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Good Standing Certificate

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The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Islamabad (PMDC) issues a Good Standing Certificate to medical professionals who wish to practice in foreign countries or apply for immigration purposes. This certificate confirms that the medical professional is in good standing with the PMDC and has no disciplinary actions or pending cases against them.

Additionally, medical professionals practicing in Pakistan are required to renew their licenses with the PMDC once expired. This renewal ensures that the medical professional continues to meet the PMDC’s standards and maintains their eligibility to practice medicine in the country.

In addition to pharmacy professionals in Pakistan are required to obtain a Good Standing Certificate from their respective provincial Pharmacy Councils. These Good Standing Certificates confirm that the pharmacy professional is in good standing with the council and has no disciplinary actions or pending cases against them. These are Pakistan’s Pharmacy council names where 365 Screening gets the Good Standing Certificate on the behalf of its client

  • Pharmacy Council of Sindh, Karachi
  • Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Islamabad
  • The Punjab Pharmacy Council, Lahore
  • Pharmacy Council Balochistan
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pharmacy Council

Furthermore, applicants who are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and hospital technical staff wishing to travel to Gulf countries must also obtain Good Standing Certificates for the DATAFLOW Source Verification and Exams for the following entities:

  • Health Authority – Abu Dhabi
  • Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE
  • Sharjah Health Authority
  • National Health Regulatory Authority, Bahrain
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
  • General Medical Council (GMC), UK

Our team ensures that all necessary documents are in order, and the application process is completed quickly and efficiently. By utilizing our services, the professionals can focus on their work while we handle the legal formalities required for the issuance of Good Standing Certificates. Our quick turnaround time ensures that clients can obtain these certificates in a timely manner, saving time and effort.

365 Screening, assists clients in obtaining both Good Standing Certificates and license renewals from the PMDC Islamabad. Our team of experts ensures that the process is smooth and efficient for our clients, reducing the hassle and stress associated with obtaining these certificates.

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